WordPress Installation

Once you have purchased and set up your hosting services, you can go ahead with setting up your WordPress in just a few clicks. We have ensured that setting up tools do not be a hazel for you.

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You can set up WordPress in your hosting account by following the simple steps below:

Step 1:
Login to your CWP Control Panel and click on Script Installer -> Softaculous.

Step 2:
Once you are inside Softaculous, search for the script/tool that you want to install. In our case, we are going to install WordPress. You can find WordPress in the front panel itself.

When you hover (take your mouse over) over WordPress, it will provide you Install option, click on that.

Step 3:
Clicking on Install will take you to the WordPress installation page. You need to fill the form provided to you for the proper installation.

  • Choose the version of WordPress you want to install. (leave it as it is in case you are not sure about it).
  • Choose the installation URL. This is the web address that will be used to access your website. It has three sections.
    • First suggests the Protocol.
    • Second suggests the domain name
    • Third suggests the directory of installation (make it empty if you want to install WordPress directly to the website).
  • You can set a Site Name as per your wish
  • You can set a Site Description as per your wish
  • Then you need to set the Admin Username, Admin Password & Admin Email. This will be used to access the admin panel of your WordPress installation. Make sure you set it correctly.
  • Then you can leave the rest as default and click on the Install button at the bottom of the page.

Step 4:
Once your installation is complete, you will get two URLs. One denotes the installation of WordPress and the other will take you to the admin panel of your website.

Now your website is up and running with the WordPress installed on it. You can go ahead and set up your WordPress to match your requirement.

In case you face any issue or require assistance, you can get in touch with our team and we will assist you for free. Contact Us at info@cloudpoko.com