The use of SSL technology is the basis of secure connections on the Internet and is fundamental to protect information when communications are made between the parties involved.

With every hosting plan you purchase, we provide a free SSL certificate, powered by Let’s Encrypt. You can install the SSL certificate in just a few simple clicks.

The SSL certificate helps you securing your website and growing your search engine rankings too. To get a free SSL for your website hosted with CLOUDPOKO web hosting services, follow the steps below:

Step 1:
Login to your CWP Control Panel

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Step 2:
Click on Domains -> AutoSSL in the side navbar. This will take you to the AutoSSL Manager panel.

Step 3:
In the AutoSSL Manager panel, select the domain name for which you want the SSL to be installed, then choose the additional SAN, if required, and hit the Install button.

Step 4:
Once you get a successful message, test your SSL by opening the domain name with https


  • The domain name must be directed to the web server, else the SSL will not be installed.
  • SSL for additional SAN can be installed if it is mapped towards the server.
  • The simplest way to achieve is to add CLOUDPOKO provided nameservers to the domain.

If in case you face any issue, you can connect with the support team by raising a ticket in your CLOUDPOKO client area or can write to us at