At CLOUDPOKO we have setup complete control in our customers hand. You can add or update the DNS records directly from your end.

DNS is the Internet component that converts legible domain names into computer-readable IP addresses. This is done according to the DNS zone files that reside on the domain name server that is attached to the IPs.

You can add or update the following DNS records to your hosting account.

  • A -IPv4 Address
  • AAAA -IPv6 Address
  • CAA
  • CNAME – Name Alias
  • MX Mail Server
  • NS
  • PTR
  • RP
  • SRV
  • TLSA
  • TXT Text

To add DNS records, you need to login to the CWP Control Panel, you can learn how to log in here. Once you are in your CWP Control Panel dashboard, you can navigate to the DNS Zone Editor by clicking on the DNS Functions -> DNZ Zone Editor.

Here you can choose the doamin name fro which you want to add or update the DNS records, once selected, you will get the list of DNS records and also get option to Add Type Records, you can add DNS records one by one. The records get live as soon as you add or update it.

Make sure you keep a backup of the DNS data, as once deleted cannot be recovered. For support you can always raise a ticket from your CLOUDPOKO account.