The affiliate program is not new in the market, it is a kind of direct selling of products and services from the manufacturer to the customer and earning the referral commission.

Here when we talk about CLOUDPOKO Affiliate Program, we have some difference. Becoming an affiliate with CLOUDPOKO is simple and can be done within 2 minutes and requires no investment.

At CLOUDPOKO we know that your referral matters a lot, and there is always a trust factor behind your referral. If you referrer someone to us, you need to have 100% satisfaction and quality assurance of our products and services.

We maintain 99.9% uptime for all our hosting services and have kept all our servers in India, your and your friends & family data is secure and is not getting away from India. All the data-centers have slandered setup and maintenance. We always keep your data backup up to ensure you don’t lose it. Also, all our hosting services come with total control with free services like AutoSSL, Free Backup, Antivirus Scan,

Security is our major concern. Our team keeps an eye on the security of all our client data 24 / 7 / 365.

Another factors that may make your affiliation even stronger with us is the support that our team provides to every client that we have. We provide fast response and also provide assistance to all our clients in either migrating from other hosting company to us or in development of new website or applications.

Also, we provide simple tutorials for all kind of stuffs that a user can do himself/herself.

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How do Our Affiliates earn?

The earning model is simple and straight forward. You need to signup to become an affiliate with CLOUDPOKO. Once you become an affiliate, you get an unique URL which you can share to your friends and family or on your social medial platforms to gather audience.

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How to become an affiliate with CLOUDPOKO?

When someone clicks on your unique URL and visits CLOUDPOKO, s/he is considered to be your referral and we maintain a 90-day slab for every visitor. If the visitor clicks, buys a service, or signs up to the CLOUDPOKO using your unique URL, you also get analytics of that in your affiliate section.

When a user buys any hosting service using the unique URL of an affiliate, the affiliate earns 10% of the amount paid by the user, which can be seen in the affiliate section. This amount can then be reimbursed to a bank account by simply raising a request from the affiliate section itself, just by a click of a button.

Now, whats different?

In affiliate program offered by CLOUDPOKO, an affiliate earns every time his/her referred user renews his/her hosting services too.

To understand this, lets take an example-

Say, Mr. X is an affiliate with CLOUDPOKO, he shares his unique URL on his social media account and Mr. Y clicks on it.
Mr. X will be able to see that the click count increased in his affiliate section.
Now Mr. Y purchased a hosting worth Rs. 7000/-. Mr. X gets a 10% amount in his account, i.e. Rs. 700/-,
Similarly, Mr. X shares his unique URL with 9 more people, they all bought the same hosting services and helped Mr. X earn further Rs. 700/- each.
The total amount at the end of the month became Rs. 7000/-.
Mr. X reimbursed it to his bank account by raising a request from his affiliate section.
Now next year same month, all the users renewed their hosting services, this time Mr. X again gets Rs. 7000/- is his account without working to gather referrals.

This cycle continues till the user stays with our hosting services.

How to start?

To start your journey as an affiliate with CLOUDPOKO you just need to signup as an affiliate on CLOUDPOKO website and get your unique URL.

Click here to go to Affiliate Registration Page

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How to become an affiliate with CLOUDPOKO?

Once you get your unique URL, you can share it on your articles, blogs, websites, social platforms and also share it directly with your friends and family. When they click on the URL you will get analytics in your affiliate section.

Now you just need to monitor your earnings in your affiliate section and keep referring people through your unique URL to CLOUDPOKO.

You can share tutorials and other stuff from our portal directly to your blogs, websites, or social media channels. It will help you gather more traffic and hence more conversions.

For any queries, you can reach to our support team directly by raising ticket in your affiliate section.