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Are you facing issues with your business in #CoronaEffect? We can help you get your business online today!. Our team can help you to stay in business even while you stay at home.

We are helping businesses in getting their work done from anywhere they are, anywhere their team is. We are providing online platforms for all medium and small size businesses, so that they can run their business and survive in #CoronaEffect.

Our team can help you plan your work either by setting up a VPN (Virtual Private Network), where all the team can work together in an isolated environment, or setting up steps to plan your business once you move out of the #Lockdown.

We can do analysis the global statistics and understand that all the business are taking steps to move their business online, whether it be an e-commerce platform or a digitally marketing platform for business, everyone is putting their footprints on the internet.

We have gathered 5 steps solution to move your business online and to give you a walk-through, where you can understand how you can shift your business online, and how it can be fruitful for you in a long go.

Step One

If you are new to the internet market and putting your first step, you should proffer reading from here. If you already have your website and have existence on the internet, you can skip this step and move to the steps below.

Bring your business on internet

First of all, you need to have a presence on the internet. In simple words, you must have a website to showcase your business, your work, your services, your products, your contact details, etc. .

For creating a website, you will require the following:

Step Two

Once you are done developing your website, it is suggested to move to different social websites. Creating business presence on different social networks enhances the reach ability of your business.

Social Media Presence

We recommend the presence on the following social platforms:

Once you are done with creating your bushiness’s social profile. You should now move on to the marketplace from where you can generate leads. This section comes in two parts, free and paid. Create your profile on lead generation websites based on the service or product you sell. Eg. If you are selling services related to event management, you should prefer setting up your account on

We’ll suggest to setup at-least a free account on the below lead generation websites:

Your social presence will create back-links for you, which will help your customers to reach back to your website where you have kept all your business details and products / services which you exactly want to sell / showcase.

Step Three

You are don with your website development, your social media and search engine presence, now it’s time for your brand setup.

Generally, agencies dealing with your business marketing will help you setting up your brand. This is not too costly, and will help you generate your brand value in the global market.

Business Branding

You should start building your branding by setting up your professional / business email first. Eg. You should not be using a gmail or other common email address for your business emails.

There are freely available plans for emails with many good email service providers like Zoho. But take my words, you should not opt for a free email for your business, as it gives small attachment size, less number of email IDs and lot more limitations. While setting up stuffs for your business you should go for paid versions, as the come with lot of add-on features and higher availability.

Setting up your brand values include the best write-ups that describes your business, services, products, mission, vision, your terms & policies, etc.. You should setup proper documentation of your companies profile on your website and ensure that all the data is up to date with the version numbers of each updated document.
This helps build better brand value and faith between customers.

Step Four

After building your brand value, it’s time to setup something for your manpower, your own organization’s working structure.

You can opt for setting up Corporate Resource Management (CRM) tools, Human Resource Management (HRM) tool, Accounting tools, etc., that will help you to manage the workforce and other tasks.

Develop You Own Corporate Tools

These tools are generally built with generic modules that will help your business to operate smoothly. But in some cases, your business can be different from others and require a different setup. For this, you can opt for getting custom software developed, which can help you manage your work as per your requirements and ease.

Step Five

We know that all businesses are not the same, and may or may not require to go through all the above phases. There can be chances of different requirements and online shifting modules. So in this step we will talk about a few different modules, (and not limited to this), that a business may require.

Corporate Setup

There can be multiple other scenarios which can be involved to move your work online.

We at CLOUDPOKO help businesses to develop tools and move their businesses online. We also provide long term support on different products and services.

If you are looking forward to developing a proper setup for your business online. You should get in touch with our team for proper consultation.

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